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Hanging Floral Constellation Installations

I couldn't be more excited to share this post with you. This is an original concept bred with the KHE aesthetic and a lot of caffeine.

From the beginning we knew we wanted to have hanging florals in the tent but we didn't know how we were going to reinvent the wheel. As Allison & Joey's 'Universe' wedding concept developed we decided to name the tables after the different phases of the moon and constellations within the Milky Way to represent the night sky. Once table names were established I had the idea of suspending constellations that correlate with each table up above the guests. I knew then exactly what we were going to do to make these floral chandeliers like none we had ever seen before.

We started a prototype and to our delight it turned out perfectly...So we made more!

See below for the breakdown on what we used and how we did it.



-Wood Screws or 'Particle Board' Screws



-Wood glue

-Wood Stain of your choice (Minwax Dark Walnut is what we used)


-Connectors for chains

-Chain cutting tool

-Battery operated lights(1 pack per chandelier)

-Ladder (Note: if hanging within a tent you will need a freestanding ladder not a standard extension ladder)

DIY supplies


Step 1: Cut Plywood to desired size with Sawzall

Step 2: Stack two pieces of plywood on top of each other once they are cut to match

Step 3: Glue and Screw Plywood together and Clamp at the four corners for 24 hours

Glued and screwed - Step 3
Clamped Corners - Step 3

Step 4: Mount hooks at each of the 4 corners with washers and nuts to secure

Step 5: Apply stain and let dry for 48hours.(*Repeat this step if you have rough wood that isn't quite taking the stain like you had hoped)

Step 6: Draw pattern/template of desired constellation for drilling (think of this like a giant pumpkin carving pattern, we love pumpkins! I attached multiple pieces of computer paper together lengthwise with tape and tried to draw as close to scale as possible)

Step 7: Attach template to plywood and drill holes straight down

Constellation Template

Step 8: Touch up stain on light spots and apply base coat in drilled holes and let dry for 48 hours. (Note: I also chose to apply stain to the washers on the underneath side to dim the shine on the silver)

Step 8: Drop lights down in each of the holes(stars) and attach battery pack to top of chandelier. (We loved the twinkle effect lights for this particular vision, it looked like real stars!)

Lighted Floral Chandelier
Lighted Constellation Chandelier

As you can see in the picture below I'm sitting under the Ursa Major(Big Dipper) floral constellation chandelier installation. From the guest view the lighted constellation was fully visible and turned out to be a total hit. You'll also see a sweet moon that we hung above the dance floor which is actually a giant paper lantern we were able to purchase from Koyal Wholesale. I couldn't be more pleased with this project, a big shout out to all of those who assisted and listened to me blab on about moon dirt and my spacey concepts.



Clear Tent View with Floral Constellation Chandelier

Planning & Design: Kayla Huston Events

Coordination: RW Events

Florals: Flowers by Lesley

Venue: Cypress Grove Estate House

Photography: Webster Weddings

Tent: Rentaland Tents & Events

Linen: La Tavola Fine Linen

Baker: P is for Pie

Catering: Big City Catering

Rentals: Mimosas & Moonshine

Chair Rentals: Fenice Events

Signage: H2O Vinyl Designs

Stationary: After Awhile Crocodile & Wedding Paper Divas

Follow all of our #EventuresInWonderland on instagram @kaylahustonevents

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