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Meet Kayla


Like many creatives, Kayla Huston’s journey into events & wedding planning began as a young professional. As a college student at FSU (go, Noles!) Kayla studied fashion and received a bachelor’s degree in Retail Merchandising and Product Development. While Kayla became an expert in her field, she was blissfully unaware that this would pave the way for her career in events. 


Kayla soon moved to New York and while working at Anthropologie, she was responsible for building visual displays. Her work was well-recognized and was soon hired to build custom displays for events. The event industry sparked her natural entrepreneurial spirit and Kayla Huston Events allows her to be creative without having a glass ceiling to worry about.


As a child, Kayla loved watching Alice in Wonderland. This storyline became an inspiration for her brand and company. Much like the story, Kayla believes the impossible is possible for each and every client.  She wholeheartedly believes in the idea that you can have anything you want for your wedding or event, and pushes design boundaries to create something that has never been done before. 


In addition to planning luxury events, Kayla is an industry leader in color theory and understands the importance of color schemes and the selection of the right tones. She has shared her knowledge with creative professionals across the country, including at the renowned Alt Summit in Palm Springs, California. Kayla’s knowledge of color psychology gives her a unique advantage in the design space to create immersive weddings and events.  


Kayla Huston is a Master Certified Wedding Planner. With her expertise, a network of vendors, and knowledge of the industry, Kayla is able to plan your event in any space! Whether you’re hosting a local event or destination wedding, Kayla and her team can create a unique event that exceeds unrealistic expectations! Contact Kayla today to get started planning your upcoming wedding, event, or celebration.

Get  to Know Kayla

My Favorite Drink:

Diet Coke

My Favorite Flower:


I love them the most before they fully bloom.

My Favorite Color:


Did you know the pink in my branding is actually inspired by Barbie’s official Pantone shade of pink?

Fashion Admiration:

A mix of everything. One day I’m wearing all black head to toe and the next I'm wearing bright colors and a mix of patterns!

Ideal Day Off:

A day at the spa!

Guilty Pleasure:

Gossip Girl! I love Blair and Chuck!

Black on Black or Rainbow Brite

Meet Lead Planner, Samantha Wagner


Naturally talented and creative, Sam was born for the events industry. As a young Jersey girl, she found herself in Florida for a summer break and decided to stay to pursue her career and dreams. Throughout her time in Florida, she has worked in just about every aspect of the events and hospitality industries. From food service to theme parks, and even bridal retail all signs were pointing to her launch into wedding planning. Sam decided to attend college at UCF and pursue her Bachelor’s at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management where she majored in Event Management. While working on her degree She became a Certified Wedding Planner through The Bridal Society in 2017.


Today, Sam is Kayla Huston Event’s right-hand woman where she takes lead on many weddings and special events. As a natural creative, Sam is known for her calligraphy which can be found within many of our clients’ guest books! For Sam, her favorite part of the wedding day is watching everything come together and seeing the culmination of all their hard work. Also, just being able to see how happy and in love the couple is. As a wedding planner, Samantha is equipped with knowledge and contacts to plan the perfect wedding of your dreams.

Get  to Know Sam

My Favorite Drink:

Diet Coke

My Favorite Color:

Cannot Leave the House Without:

Guilty Pleasure:

Way to Unwind:

My Favorite Flower:

Hunter Green

Hand lotion



Trashy TV! 
Love is Blind, Married at First Sight, etc.

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