Créme de la créme


Owner Kayla Huston who has a background in fashion, interior design, and visual display construction leads the KHE team. She brings with her all of the skills she's honed from that creative world.

She is a Certified Wedding Planner through The Bridal Society.


Her imagination knows no boundaries and has helped her become a master of transformation. With such acute attention to detail not one aspect of the event is ever overlooked, exceeding even the most unrealistic of expectations, her own.




The KHE approach is a state of mind. While flawless execution is considered to be a rarity we strive to be so fully encompassed in preparation that your day feels seamless and perfection reigns.



Not only do we expect the unexpected but we create it. Being inventive is part of our process; if it has been done, why do it again?



At KHE we don't  just plan, we create. We believe inspiration comes in every shape and form. No idea is ever considered too revolutionary. In fact, we strive to be just that; groundbreaking, fresh, original, experimental, unusual, modern, radical, and avant-garde.


 Innovation in textiles and technology allow us to push concepts to the edge to build next level productions and make any vision into a reality.





Exceeding Unrealistic Expectations.


Whether we are creating something raw and unconventional or something that is enchanting and extravagant making our clients happy and living up to the highest of standards is what gives us life.

                                                       - Kayla Huston, CWP

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