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His Majesty, Sir Richard Sprinkle the Girafficorn: The Official Mascot of KHE

Meet Sir Richard Sprinkle! A cute little giraffeicorn has joined the MonarKHE. What could be more unique than a giraffeicorn? Practically nothing...that's why we have selected this little guy as our MonarKHE mascot.

This feisty little fiesta animal has been joining us on the road at all of our events.

Image Credit: Chelsea Sauerland Photography

Planning & Design: Kayla Huston Events

Venue: Yogashakti Mission

Floral Elephant: Occasions By Shangri'la

Stationary: After Awhile Crocodile

Floral: Buds, Etc.

Chair Rental: A Chair Affair

Linen: BBJ Linen in Poppy Bravado

You can follow Sir Richard Sprinkle on our instagram @kaylahustonevents

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