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Bachelorette Bashes that Won't Break the Bank

Looking for the perfect spot for your Bachelorette Blowout?

Look no more! We have our 2016 Top 5 Bachelorette Party Picks located around the country all for less than $60 per person; Now that is something your Bridesmaids are going to want to celebrate!!

I've attended my fair share of Bridal Festivities and been in more weddings than anyone else I've ever met, just call me #27Dresses ... any former bridesmaid knows how difficult it can be to make it all happen.The average bridesmaid spends about $1800 in the U.S. If you missed that I said AVERAGE! Please recognize that if you do NOT consider yourself (or your friend getting married) to be an 'average' Bride throwing an 'average' Wedding that all of these numbers go up.

And it goes... Engagement Party, Engagement Gift, Bridal Shower Gift, Bridal Shower Contribution, Bridesmaid Dress, Alterations, Bridesmaid Shoes, Travel Expenses, Bachelorette Party, Bachelorette Party Contribution, Wedding Gift, Hair & Makeup, Hotel for the Wedding Night, Etc, Etc, Etc.

It is easy to get your feelings hurt if someone declines a bridesmaid proposal but it will be much more hurtful if they accept your request and don't show up to any of your pre-wedding events and ultimately dump all of the responsibility onto the remaining bridesmaids. EEK! This typically results in drama, chaos, and frustration amongst the brides closest friends.

Planning and budgeting for these events in advance is crucial in helping to make it all happen, without breaking the bank. Oddly enough the Bachelorette trips I've had the most fun on I spent the least money. Lowering the stress and the expectations you put on your girls will ultimately give your weekend a better vibe.

Now don't get me wrong if you have the cash flow to fly everyone to Amsterdam, Book that ish! If not, check out my Top 5 Picks Below...

TOP 5:


Starting at $250 per night / $11 per person a night

Sleeps 22 / Bedrooms 7

Rent it here!


Starting at $250 per night / $41 per person a night

Sleeps 6 / Bedrooms 2

Rent it here!


Starting at $350 per night / $58 per person a night

Sleeps 6 / Bedrooms 3

Rent it here!


Starting at $161 per night / $20 per person a night

Sleeps 8 / Bedrooms 3

Rent it here!


Starting at $200 per night / $40 per person a night

Sleeps 5 / Bedrooms 2

Rent it here!

For the complete list of the Top 12 visit the full article HERE.


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