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Not Your Average Christmas Cookie

So, if milk's favorite cookie is Oreo and Santa only drinks his cookies with milk, wouldn't that mean Santa's favorite cookie is actually Oreo?

Or, Maybe I'm drunk on coloring, cookies, and wrapping paper...

Have you all checked out this awesome Oreo Colorfilled site yet? You can customize your own Oreo Christmas packages with two different designs.

Oreo is featuring New York based artists, Timothy Goodman and Jeremyville.

You can find both of the available templates they've created here.

Pictured above is the work of T. Goodman with custom digital color doodling by yours truly. I also added the tag of my choice up top to accessorize and zoomed out as far as I could on the T. Goodman print to create as much color/doodle action as possible. You can design your own just like the pictures you see posted here on the blog ($10 each) or you can get really artsy with your cookies and purchase the all black and white graphic packaging which includes 3 markers ($12).

Both of these packages include 36 regular Oreos. The only way this could be any better would be if they were also available in Oreo Thins (my new favsy- maybe next year?).

I loved these packages so much I just wanted to share them with you all the minute I saw them(okay obviously after I played on the site and designed my own). A big shoutout to visual artist Matt Crump for posting the image below and all the fun. I would've been so sad if I missed out.

I hope you all eat lots of cookies this holiday season and all year round!!

Merry Christmas Week Kittens!!



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