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Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a child who spent 70% of their time fantasizing, 20% reading and 10% participating. She also used 18.5% of her brain. This is unheard of but fact. By her 4th birthday everything changed with just one perfectly wrapped gift. Inside this giant pink package was a game changer; The original ‘My Size Barbie’ BRIDE Edition! It was 36 inches of pure white tulle and perfection. She was complete with the dress, veil, shoes, and the jewelry for the perfect fairytale wedding. On this day the little dreamer had her first real vision. As the reigning Pretty Pretty Princess Champion the suggestion of becoming Queen for a day sparked a fire like no other. She knew exactly which boxed collectible editions off her shelves she would select as her maids, precisely the flowers they would carry, the certainty that it would have to be a winter wedding, and most importantly what Ken would be wearing to inimitably compliment her dream dress. From there, the rest is history...


Fastforward to December 2, 2015; So, I couldn't be any more excited to be sharing this post with you because that means the time has finally come to launch my new website! (And it means its time to Pop the Bubbly!)

I'm so happy with the way everything turned out and am thrilled to be sharing it with you all!

I feel like I've been stuck in this blackhole of web design just tinkering and tinkering AKA my psycho designer symmetry issues have been raging in full force. I truly feel our new site is so illustrative of the KHE brand. I could've never done it without my oh-so talented web developer Cassie Burgess. A big thanks for putting up with a perfectionist who wont quit until its just right or until you make me!

The MonarKHE blog is going to be featuring fab on fab on fab. From DIYs and Behind the Scenes to full scale events, styled shoots, and interior design tips. This is where we will dish on our creative process and all things KHE.

So take a look around, shoot us a message, write a review, do what you do.

*Cue the confetti*


- K

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